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China Merchants join the policy

One, join conditions

1, the people's Republic of China natural persons who hold valid identity cardor business license of enterprise legal person enterprises.

2, identity Meiya electric appliance brands, comply with the provisions ofrelevant international business, management, and consciously safeguard the credibility of the brand image.

3, have a certain economic strength, with the requirements of the companybusiness area and place of business with.

4, has a good business reputation, business ethics and the lasting management consciousness.

5, have the advanced marketing concept, and be good at team management.

6, a good sales network, has a strong ability to control the area terminalmarket.

7, fully implement and cooperate with the distribution, promotion, pricing,marketing solutions company.

8, priority investment managers from the sprayer agricultural wholesalers,wholesalers, plant protection machinery, related industries.

9, a certain trade channels, more need to have strong ability to control the market, to achieve the company specified monthly, quarter, annual sales target.

10, according to the provisions of payment of a "product risk guarantee fund".

Two, to join the regional

1, the level of a city (the main center of provincial capital city and municipality directly under the central government): Chongqing, Kunming, Shijiazhuang,Urumqi, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Nanjing,Nanchang, Fuzhou, Ji'nan.

2, two other provincial capital city and the city: the agriculture developedprefecture level city (such as: Quanzhou, Suzhou, Liaocheng, Nantong,Ningbo,).

3, three level city: other cities and agriculture developed county-level city(such as: Jiangyin, Kunshan, Yixing, Huzhou, etc.).

Three, join advantage

1, energy saving and quick, the bright prospects of China's "Eleven Five Year Plan" proposed energy-saving emission reduction targets, energy-saving into the mainstream, motorized sprayer industry faces reshuffle, electric sprayeradvocated by the company ushered in the development of the spring, the market prospect is bright.

2, excellent brand, high-end quality Meiya electrical appliances as electric sprayer authority producer, has been at the leading position of the industry,positioning high-end quality, the best-selling products rapidly in national and each city and area, we have been imitated, never surpassed.

3, professional products, a variety of specifications people brand electricspray products: three series, more than 10 varieties, a variety of specifications of products to meet the different needs of customers.

4, independent research and development, the patent protection the company has an independent R & D team, R & D has been committed to new products and technology, have a number of product design patent. And structure of the patent, let the first into the market blank interests can be protected.

5, professional team, high-quality service our appliance has a professional service team, the implementation of special, area, professional responsibility,through regular business training, to assist the agents around the franchisee to improve business performance and marketing skills, and assist to solve business problems in.

Four, cooperation rules

1, the company implements the regional agent system, agents make everything right the company headquarters to acting in its regional experts, to fulfill the obligations of the company.

2, the agency contract the trial period of one month, after the expiration of therequirements to the signing of the formal contract.

3, implement the exclusive agency unit to the county level, that is the highestagency for the municipal agency directly under the central government, city level agents, conditions may apply for the provincial agency.

4, the agent after signed agency contract, the company will provide product brochures, quantitative free posters, corporate image clothing etc..

After 5, agents sell the product, such as product quality problems, within 24 months, can repair, replacement.

6, sales agents products reaches a certain amount, the company will consideron the appropriate advertising in the local market, to support sales agents.

7, the company will according to regional needs, support policies to make a corresponding adjustment.

8, reached a certain sales agents, can enjoy a degree of support.

9, both sides based on the principle of win-win situation, sincere cooperation,hand in hand, to create a harmonious, energy-saving society, to contribute to a force.

The 10 quarter, sales agents, the annual sales target (according to the order price shall prevail), "the product risk guarantee fund" quota.

11, the agent without AIU agree, will sell the business to the area (the situationreferred to as "goods"), and other brand products, once found, first, ourcompany will result according to the actual situation of the consequences,warned the dealers and to part of the "product risk benefit": Second second,we will cancel the agent qualification, and full deduction "product riskguarantee fund".